“KYOTO HANNARYZ” joined professional basketball league in Japan (bj league) from 09-10 season as a team based in Kyoto.
Team jersey bears a big ARKRAY symbol on the chest.
ARKRAY will provide solid support to “KYOTO HANNARYZ” in bj league and contribute to the development of sports culture in Kyoto.


The name of “KYOTO HANNARYZ” comes from “Han-nari” a Kyoto dialect representing elegance, cheerfulness, and gorgeousness. The purpose of its activity is to widely spread the popularity of basketball in Kyoto and establish “new culture” where stadiums are full of spectators. KYOTO HANNARYZ is committed with enthusiasm to glamorous cheering performance to liven up games just like NBA of the United States along with the acquisition of leading players to build on its strength as a team.

Competition record

■ bj league

2009-2010 seasonWestern Conference 6th place
2010-2011 seasonWestern Conference 5th place
2011-2012 seasonWestern Conference 3rd place
Playoffs 4th place
2012-2013 seasonWestern Conference 5th place
Playoffs 3rd place
2013-2014 seasonWestern Conference 2nd place
Playoffs 4th place
2014-2015 seasonWestern Conference 1st place


2016-2017 seasonWestern Conference 5th place

Please click on the URL below to visit the official website of KYOTO HANNARYZ. (Japanese text only)