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Jun 07, 2008


ARKRAY USA, Inc. exhibited at the American Diabetes Association’s (ADA) 68th Annual Scientific session June 7-9, 2008. This year, the show was held in San Francisco, CA and attended by approximately 14,000 healthcare professional from around the world.  We had a team of sixteen people from the consumer healthcare sales division and marketing represented in the booth.

Our objectives of the show were to generate awareness of ARKRAY as a company, the GLUCOCARD™ brand name, and more specifically the GLUCOCARD™ X-METER, and our PROMISE™ program.  For GLUCOCARD™ X-METER, we focused on auto coding, the discreet and slim characteristic of the meter and test strip bottle, accuracy and precision,
0.3 µL sample size, 5 second test time, double dosing, and alternate site testing.  The ARKRAY team also demonstrated the GLUCOCARD X-METER ease-of-use inside the exhibit to attendees.  We had incredible feedback from healthcare professionals in the US and throughout the world on the overall look and specs of the products.  We heard many comments that the discreet look and design of the product will be well received by the end user.


We also had terrific feedback on our PROMISE program, which focuses on simple changes and healthy outcomes.  One response we heard from a Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE) was “finally a program that caters to the patient”. This program provides behavior change tools and adaptable tips nestled in a wellness tool kit with monthly newsletters to provide knowledge and skills so they can better manage their diabetes. We want to make the lives of people who have diabetes easier by providing a simple program that builds on small doable changes coupled with care and ongoing support.
The one thing we did not anticipate when planning the show, was the amount of international healthcare professionals that would attend.  It was great to hear in our booth all the positive input about our company from our international customers.  This helped energize our team and made it easier to talk about our company to others.
The history of ARKRAY, combined with the GLUCOCARD™ products and PROMISE™ program give us an incredible story to tell.  This entire package will help us grow in the US market and worldwide!