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Jun 01, 2009

ARKRAY, Inc. & NIPRO Corp. sign Latin American distribution deal

The clinical test device and in vitro diagnostic medical product manufacturer, ARKRAY, Inc. and NIPRO Corporation (CEO: Mr. Minoru Sano; herein NIPRO) have agreed and signed a distribution deal to supply self monitoring blood glucose devices to 14 countries in Latin America.

1. Objective

The aim of the distribution deal and the basis for its signing is for ARKRAY to supply its cutting edge self monitoring blood glucose products, one of its core businesses, to the distribution centers that NIPRO has built up in 14 countries in Latin America, and in so doing, both companies jointly acknowledge the importance of extensive development of the Latin American diabetes market.

* The contract was signed by 4 companies including group companies from both ARKRAY, Inc. and NIPRO Corporation: ARKRAY Global Business, Inc. (herein ARKRAY Global Business) and NIPRO Medical Corporation (herein NIPRO Medical) respectively.

2. Agreement details

The distribution agreement as it applies to the 14 countries in Latin America provides for
・ Distribution rights as well as support necessary for distribution in regard to ARKRAY self monitoring blood glucose measurement products to be extended to NIPRO and NIPRO Medical.
・NIPRO and NIPRO Medical purchasing self monitoring blood glucose products from ARKRAY Global Business as well as working to promote the business and developing services offered.

Distribution is currently scheduled for the 14 countries listed below.

Target countries (in alphabetical order)

Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru, Puerto Rico, Uruguay, Venezuela,