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Nov 14, 2013

Unique functional food materials from ARKRAY
Rapten from Citrus hassaku for the prevention of
metabolic syndrome

ARKRAY, Inc. is proud to announce the November 22 release of Rapten, a functional food material containing a high concentration of aurapten1) derived from Citrus hassaku. Supplements containing Rapten have been shown to significantly reduce total blood cholesterol and insulin which is thought to be effective in preventing metabolic syndrome.

ARKRAY, Inc. (herein ’ARKRAY’) has succeeded in developing Rapten, the world’s first functional food containing high concentrations of aurapten, derived from Citrus hassaku. Aurapten is a type of coumalin found in the peel of citrus fruit and has been shown to be effective in preventing inflammation, improving lipid metabolism and restricting neutral liver fat2). It will be used as a supplement for the prevention of metabolic syndrome.

ARKRAY applied the knowledge and technical know-how gained through its primary business of diabetes test instruments and reagents to enter the functional food market back in 2006 and continues to focus research primarily on compounds in herbs and citrus fruit. AG Herb MIX 3) released in 2006 has anti-glycation properties and is now used as a constituent in a number of beauty supplements. Further research led to understanding of the functional mechanisms of shikuwasa fruit and satsuma which has resulted in the release of the shikuwasa extract Biletin 4) in 2010 and the continued work toward a commericalized satsuma extract.

ARKRAY will continue working primarily with traditional Japanese ingredients to research and develop unique functional foods and to contribute to health.

1) Aurapten is a type of coumalin found in abundance in the peel of Watson pomelo, Citrus hassaku and grapefruit. It is insoluble in water but soluble in oil. In recent years experiments on cells and with animals has revealed its anti-metabolic syndrome, anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory and anti-pyloric bacterial properties.

2) It was suggested that this inhibits inflammation in adipose tissue, one of the causes of metabolic syndrome, during the 67th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society for Nutrition and Food Science (24-26 May 2013). (Joint research by Kyoto University Faculty/ Graduate School of Agriculture, NARO Institute of Fruit Tree Science and ARKRAY)

3) AG Herb MIX contains hot water extracts from 4 varieties of herb (camomile, dokudami, Crataegus oxyancantha and grape leaf) and offers anti-aging care through its anti-glycation properties.

4) Biletin is an extract from Shikuwasa fruit grown in Okinawa. It contains a high concentration of nobiletin and has properties that work against metabolic syndrome and artheroschlerosis.

Citrus hassaku

Product view

Reference information: aurapten research data (example)

•Content of aurapten in the peel of citrus fruits

•Efficacy testing (in mice)

•Efficacy testing (in humans)

Product specifications for the function food: Rapten

Name RaptenTM
Release date 22 November 2013 (Friday)
Product standards  
   Nature A milky-white/ yellow colored fat soluble powder with a distinct fragrance
   Dry weight 1.0% or less
   Aurapten 80% or less
   Arsenic 2ppm or less
   Heavy metals 20ppm or less
   No of viable bacteria 1,000 per gram or less
   No. of fungal spores 300 per gram or less
   E coli Negative
Storage method Sealed pack at room temperature
Packaging 50g GL film bag
Composition Oil from liquid extracted from Citrus hassaku
Use Prevention of metabolic syndrome, improved lipid metabolism, anti-inflammatory effect
Example of use As a supplement, health food etc.
Displayed as Hassaku extract
Recommended intake 6-12mg / day

This product is sold through Karada Support Institute.
Karada Support Institute is the R&D and sales business within the ARKRAY Group in charge of functional foods.