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17 wrz 2013

Further globalization through capital tie-up with Korean Manufacturer
Start of Joint Development with Boditech

ARKRAY, Inc. has agreed to a capital tie-up with Boditech Med Inc. (herein Boditech), a Korean manufacturer of clinical test instruments and reagents. Through this agreement with Boditech, ARKRAY will continue with the speedy planning and development of products that answer the needs of global medicine. This agreement will also allow for further globalization of product development and the acceleration of global standardization.

ARKRAY, Inc. (herein ARKRAY) has entered into a contract with Boditech for a capital tie-up.
Both companies will cooperate in the planning and development of clinical test instruments and reagents.
ARKRAY will station its employees at the headquarters of Boditech in Chuncheon City.
ARKRAY continues to accelerate the pace of globalization for its product development so as to deliver products that answer market needs and meet its trends in countries around the world.

Boditech Company Outline

Company name Boditech Med Inc.
CEO and President Euiyul Choi (CEO)
Location 1144-2 G-Tech Village Geoduri, Dongnaemyeon, Chuncheon, Gangwon-do, 200- 883,Korea
Telephone (82)33-243-1400
Incorporation 13 November 1998
Number of employees 159 (Total as of August 2013)
Nature of business Research, development, manufacturing and sales of instruments and reagents for clinical use
(Mainly the supply of infectious disease, tumor screening, cardio and diabetes related diagnostic reagents and instruments)